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Extend Battery Life

The fact that the strength of the charging current, in many cases, when turned off the main consumers (lamp lights) above normal, and this leads to the boiling of the electrolyte and buckling of plates. To avoid this, it is proposed to divide circuit connecting the battery 3 (rice) with a mass including a resistor 5 and diode 4. In the battery discharge current of her easy passage to the consumers through the diode 6, and in the mode of charge, when the voltage developed by the generator 1 and supported by the relay controller, 2 above the voltage at the terminals of the battery, current flowing in its charge is limited by the resistor 5. Resistor is determined empirically (because the electrical parameters of each his motorcycle), so that the battery is well charged by, but not boiling electrolyte. For 6-volt system with battery capacity of 14 Ah resistor should be approximately 2 ohms.

Resistor can be made from wire high resistivity (nichrome, constantan, manganin, etc.). Suitable coil from an old electric (wire diameter 0.3 0.4 mm). To be able to adjust better to use a variable resistor. If you have read about Beth Israel Heart Transplant already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Diodes should apply such that they have a supply of current to avoid the intense heat. For example, we use two parallel-connected D-305


Not by chance that such systems The widest range of applications. This dispatch system of urban and special transport, transport security and material assets, operating in real time in the city with tens and hundreds of moving objects. This control of transport routes, conducting long-long-distance and international services (with the transfer route information from global systems in real-time or passive accumulation of information about the route followed by treatment). You may find Beth Israel Heart Transplant to be a useful source of information. Methods of dead reckoning data methods for determining the location of the vehicle based on measurement of parameters motor vehicle traffic using acceleration sensors, angular velocity in conjunction with the sensors on his journey and direction sensor, and calculating on the basis of these data, the current location of a moving object relative to a known starting point. In general, these methods can be used in the same systems as the methods based on navigation. The main advantage of these methods compared with the methods of navigation – regardless of the conditions of reception of navigation signals on-board equipment. It is no secret that in the modern city with a dense built-up tall buildings may be found sites where difficult to receive signals from vehicles with a view to ensuring the best conditions for reception of navigation signals. This makes them vulnerable to intruders in case of application for the needs of motor vehicles or carried their loads. Existing methods Camouflage receiving antennas are fairly complicated and expensive. Methods of dead reckoning and inertial navigation are free from these shortcomings, since the equipment is fully autonomous and can be integrated into the design elements of the car to their difficulty of detection and protection from intentional of failure.

Germany Insurance

The machine will be declared to be pursued, and the bona fide purchaser runs the risk of losing it. There is a more interesting scheme of fraud in a victim of fraud is not a bank and insurance company. This kind of "enterprise" engaged in serious professional syndicates. When buying a car on credit it must insure, including theft. Next the new owner drives away its dealers and the police shall submit a statement of the hijacking. From the mediator, former owner receives 30 percent of the cost of the machine.

It is important to the owner the car had both sets of keys, which would indicate that the car is stolen and not selected by robbers. Then the insurance company a reason to refuse the receipt of insurance will be less. Received money from criminals, the owner gets more, according to agreement with the bank, and a new car. From police statistics, it is known that disclosed such crimes are rare. Such machinations forced banks to bring borrowers to strict requirements and keep high interest rates on consumer loans.

With regard to fraud related to insurance policies of compulsory third party liability insurance (compulsory and), apart from the "classic" scheme, where criminals, holding out his car does not get money from the alleged perpetrator, and his insurance company, there are a number of illegal methods of obtaining money. The scheme of this fraud is completely copied from the one at the time suggested burghers came from Russia. In Germany, contains a car older than five years is economically inefficient: too high taxes on the supported machines, the large operating costs, etc.