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With Full Speed In October! Oktoberfest Hannover

“Oktoberfest Hannover from 23 September 9 October 2011 literally can this very stylish” on the big Bavaria Rutsch’ n “happen, on the even whole families together on large mats the wave track down can glide. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Comcast. To autumn and the Halloween period appropriately darker it goes in the horror of the haunted house and in the House of horror”, an attraction presented rarely in Hanover, to. The time ensures fun confusion and aberration factory”, a running business which calls, inter alia, the orientation and sense of balance. Also proven fun shops of the bumper of course are to roller coaster as well as the traditional marquee and food operators with part of the game. Highlight for the little ones is the Lantern procession on October 7, accompanied by the chapel of fire (19: 00). Someone who has a self made lantern, gets a surprise. For everyone spontaneously lanterns on the ground at the main entrance of break master Avenue/Guild, Gate be free from 18:30 issued. The popular offer of the Organizer to celebrate birthday on Oktoberfest, makes the feast day on the square an amusement-rich day for kids and relaxing time for the large.

Coupon books are available at the price of 15 and include the visit of eight rides and various snacks and drinks. “There are discount offers on family days on Wednesday, the ladie’s day on October 6 and the already introduced on the Spring Festival introduced fun Taler”, as coupon booklet gives discounts in all shops. This time titled autumn romance are fixed agenda at the Oktoberfest this year the topic Fireworks”stand. The opening – as also the subsequent Fireworks performed as dialog fireworks of different Flash sites. While on September 23, Tristan und Isolde”and the second date of Romeo and Juliet” Pate stand, organizer company Prince is pretty woman to conclude on October 7″in the form of a Height Fireworks the honor. The backstage tour is already almost fully booked at the moment on September 29 at 3: 00, at which visitors can be a look behind the scenes of the Festival. For next year, the organizers plan an overhaul of the firm concept. For this purpose, negotiations have been already recorded with economy and city. Kathrin Symens

Embroidery Machines Easy To Operate

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers embroidery look noble and make good on clothes and home textiles. Many substances can hardly edit with your hand or any results in the desired quality can be achieved in hand work. In such cases, there is embroidery or sewing machine with embroidery function. These make the embroideries that almost alone. Some notes on the smooth handling of such a machine must be respected nonetheless.

Susanne Schmitz, informed the Bonn laundry de Waschkusch. Due to the strong vibrations, which throws the machine at work, it a safe stand on a table is necessary. If the machine is often used, it is advisable even to set up a separate table, on which the device is permanently attached. To keep the machine long easily operational, regular cleaning and the use of Nahmaschinenolen is highly recommended. The embroidery you should dismount plate also occasionally and the surface of lint free, because they can easily deface embroidery projects. When selecting the embroidery threads, it is important to know that the most embroidery for threads of strength of 40 are aligned. Also you should save for machine embroidery thread not due to the quality and pay attention to brands. Inferior yarns frequently exhibit irregularities, which are reflected in the image of embroidery or arrange for breakage.

The different materials, from which the embroidery threads are spun, require different handling. Viscose threads should be spun for example, looser in the embroidery machine as polyester threads. When metal yarns, the voltage should be still less than in yarns of viscose rayon. In the selection of the motifs, you should always make sure that thin or elastic materials should be decorated with simple motifs with low number of stitches. Thick and elaborate images are, however, better off on rough and heavy fabrics. If you do not want to give up demanding embroidered accessories, the machine but it is hardly in use is, it’s cheaper, the work for professionals in order to give. In Bonn, for this is the laundry de Waschkusch the ideal partner. Here, customers will receive not only the usual services of a laundry, but also professional tailors work and embroidery. Susanne Schmitz is interested customers at any time for questions and pricing information available. Press contact de Waschkusch contact: Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 email: Homepage:

LEGO Floor Mats

A doormat as a basis for an extensive game with LEGO, the LEGO brick would have such a success, would have believed 1958 sure nobody in his invention. ssing-The-Power-Of-Purpose.html’>Professor Rita McGrath says on the issue. LEGO was founded in 1932 in Denmark, thereby initially was a joiner’s workshop, which manufactured wooden toys. This, today the fifth largest company in the toy market is founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in still in family ownership. Currently is the grandson of the founder, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen of owner of the LEGO Group. The name consists of the Danish words leg godt \”together what on German game good\” means. Good games \”the company has to date, the target: the products to children to the play, promote the creativity and fun.\” One of the large floor mats is particularly well suited as a base. These objectives through a variety of different game systems that can be combined for the most part with each other and are consistently offered in high-quality, easily.

The Get company therefore is among the leading companies in the toy market and already has the distinction of being toy of the century\”. LEGO is now sold in over.130 countries around the world, and over 400 million children (and adults) to play regularly with the stones. Around 5 billion hours get together, play the kids with LEGO. In the generous offer is to find something for every age group: ranging from LEGO baby, large blocks for small hands, LEGO DUPLO, with the children in preschool age can build first figures and houses, and the different worlds of the game for younger children to LEGO technology and MINDSTORM NXT \”, makes it possible to build your own robot and program. Special occupies a position in this area of LEGO City, which combines several game worlds, such as police, fire and port and so on.