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Name Vs. Numbers – Which Car Models Better Arrive?

Manufacturers rely on creative name creation / autoki members: caution in other countries! Unusual car model name can be found increasingly in the auto industry. Make it the manufacturer Dacia, Toyota, and Lamborghini: your models of hot “Logan”, “Yaris” or “Gallardo. Other manufacturers rely on numbers and letter combinations: ob BMW 730 e38, Audi A6 avant 2.5 TDI or Mercedes-Benz 300-109. Whether the name is actually better arrive as numbers, will be discussed at the car community. The members weigh pros and cons of off. I find that the manufacturers should invest some more creativity in the name”, says BMW driver ISE-bear.

“” He remembers like classic model name globe “, and”Taunus”, Janus”. Number and letter combinations are to fast moving him. Other members stressed that dazzling names as a marketing gimmick to transfer sometimes lack quality. Audi, Mercedes and BMW had just simply not needed, says BMW driver Wingstudy87. In a question-answer forum qwiki was the first to reply. Be creative name but not always a good advertising plus in all countries, such as the Volvo driver Chief rocker writes. The example of the Mitsubishi Pajero many name creators should be a lesson.

“” Because Pajero ‘means Wanker in Spanish”. Toyota had to also quickly rename the MR2 in France, since the similarity in pronunciation to a fecal expression was too big. In this respect, the automakers with numerals as well as named in addition can access. For the discussion of measures – or successful naming: questions/current car name border debil or convincing media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at), autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin

Tuning Work Immortal

‘Grand Opening’ at! Now it is so as far as that goes to launch new community! TuningtagebuchWorum doing here at all? We can each user get his tuning project big. Tuner can show how you refine your car and how is watching the progress of the work in their own free tuning diary (blog). This can be done in the form of text, videos or images. We offer many specials, like for example an individually designable tuning diary, an own subdomain () a gallery script, lots of different widgets for the sidebar, a comment function, and much more! So the ambitious tuner to now finally gets more the possibility of his project to show a few images with data. Swarmed by offers, qwiki is currently assessing future choices. Rather, he can make now to document its many development steps and others participate. ( your own tuning diary now! Media contact: Christoph Karnebogen Bergstrasse 29 27305 Br. Qwiki contains valuable tech resources. Vilsen christoph AT tuningtagebuch DOT de

Abarth Punto Evo

The small grid serves the good show. Plumper content the most important difference between the brothers: In the Gordini, almost everything is, what so far as extra to have was, already as a standard installed. Given this abundance, the surcharge on the Gordini is 2360 euro an amount well invested. So get outside already a leather upholstery (with blue trim), the climate, the tempo pilots, rain and light sensor, keyless locking and start system and the CD radio with Bluetooth Handsfree and audio streaming with the music wirelessly will be sent from the phone to the sound system in addition to the Behubschungen. Connect with other leaders such as charlie watts here. As a single extra remains r.s. monitor”, with among other things its own acceleration measurements can be carried. Also the Interior is blue with the standard leather seats or on the steering wheel, which carries two white racing stripes.

The space the Gordini is quite Clio, say: it is modern opulence. 26,250 euro Renault packs not only sports, but also much luxury in the package. The climate is as standard like the CD MP3 radio with remote control, Bluetooth Handsfree and audio streaming from your mobile phone. Light and Rain sensor, leather upholstery, heated seats, keyless lock & start and Park pilot go even out. Punch and power technically complies with the Gordini the already well-known Clio Renault sport (which should disappear soon from the program). From him he takes over therefore also the two-liter four-cylinder with 201 Horsepower and 215 nm torque.

Thus, Renault is the last manufacturer, which maintains the traditional motor recipe in this class. All other quick little (Polo GTI, Abarth Punto Evo, seat Ibiza Cupra, Mini Cooper S) have switched to small engines with supercharging. The advantage of the new: less consumption, lower emissions and a more entertaining Turbo kick.

Horse Trailers Hyundai Santa

Tractor test with-horses Hamburg, August 23, 2010 – today current train-vehicle test is on the online portal the SUV Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi 4WD. The successful combination of gelandegangigem all bikers and more convenient travel limousine offers excellent tension properties and large space for riders. The facelift model of the second generation of the Hyundai Santa Fe at the dealer is available since January 2010. The lines was something smooth and the power increased to 197 HP. Very comfortable interior setting the electric leather seats and adjustable steering wheel is easy. An extra safety form the active head restraints that move forward at lightning speed in a rear-end collision, reduce the distance between head and head restraints and avoid injuries of the cervical spine.

All instruments are clearly laid out, the remote control on the leather steering wheel for the audio system is new. In addition, there are ports for USB devices and iPods. The cargo area offers plenty of space and is also virtually operate. And go “s! For driving, the Santa offers the two settings “Eco” and “Eco off”. In the eco-setting the automatic switches earlier on the next higher gear, which is reflected in lower consumption. The fuel consumption to GDP: In mixed mode he needed between eight and nine litres of diesel, with a horse trailer up to 12 litres / 100 km. Nasser Wiesengrund are no problem for the Santa Fe itself with 2 tons load on the hook also in the normal operation, because he is automatically depending on the soil conditions on the all-wheel drive. Conclusion of the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great combination of sporty everyday sedan and all terrain cycling.

It costs in the 2.2 CRDi 4WD in standard 34.640 euro. The detailed test report is published on. Company description the portal went online on July 1, 2010. Editor is the successful 20 years Pferdesport journalist Doris Jessen, since 2005 on behalf of well-known horse journal Horse trailers and tow vehicles independently tests and describes and therefore a broad expertise relating to the transport of meat horses has developed. Further focal points in addition to the subject of horse trailers and transport of meat horses are the area riding holidays, and trail riding. For all editorial contributions, Doris Jessen collaborates with a competent team of authors. Company contact: Doris Jessen Brunsummerheide k. 5f 22149 Hamburg Tel: 040-672 17 48 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: JESSEN-PR Doris Jessen Brunsummerheide k. 5f 22149 Hamburg Tel: 040 672 17 48 E-Mail: Web:

VW Polo BlueMotion: Reality Check makes the test and checks whether the new Polo BlueMotion Volkswagen actually consumes 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The expectations are big, before driving off with the new extreme savers by Volkswagen, the Polo BlueMotion. 3.3 liter average: this is already a strong announcement. Now already clear that you, must apply to achieve this value, already a great deal of Know-How in the field of efficient driving us. Masters of their trade make this, or at least some a few tenths in, with security, we don’t want to deny that. Walt Disney oftentimes addresses this issue.

What it us but in our test goes, is how much consumes the Polo BlueMotion, he shuts so as cars are commonly used: without fuel sparerische antics as about anticipatory driving, eager, as soon as possible from A to B, music in the ear, air cooled, or warmed up, the idea at the next date or the last row of the relationship. Come on BBs! Weight down… Jeff Bewkes is open to suggestions. The force of habit to strip it is right at the beginning: a remote control for the There is no central locking. The key is fixed in good old style and not foldable. AHA, interesting. Distance test car price information of our little round 18,000 euros? NA, the well-meaning, thinks will be probably a weight good.

After all, the SuperSaver Polo weighs round 30 pounds less than a comparable colleague without the addition of BlueMotion”in the type designation. So key in the door lock, locked up, get set and start engine. And again a trip in the past: the 1.2-litre 3-cylinder Commonrailer nails how Walker the pump nozzle – diesel in their best times. But insulation weigh what anyway, and wanted to get Yes ultimately on the 1,070 pounds, weighing of Polo BM. Whether the hard plastic covering of the instrument carrier on the kilo Fuchserei is due?

In The Port Of Shiny Cars

First Oldtimer meeting in the Marina Runthe in the Marina Runthe run up to 200 motor boats on beautiful summer days and off. On August 23, the lively hustle and bustle on the water gets competition: shiny cars will be on the streets around the Harbour and the heart of classic car enthusiasts beat faster. For the first time, the Marina Runthe is a classic meeting place. “This event Hansi has middle in Bergkamen, launched the event agency type and act” operates. The Marina Runthe has flair and is a perfect stage to showcase vintage style”, middle of the location would be. The port path is to the runway”for time-honored cars of various makes and sizes.

All vintage and classic cars can participate. At 11 o’clock, the showdown of the vehicles on the BETA home site starts a small rally begins at 13:30. The returns are expected against 15. Then, a jury selects the winning car. The musical arrangement of the event blends seamlessly into the “A concept: the Street Kings” tours with a legendary vintage fire truck by all Germany and are the (auto) mobile bands in Germany for one. On August 23, they return to the pit-stop”in the Marina Runthe. The five-Member Band Schlager, evergreens, has oldies rock and pop in the luggage. There are the live sound of Purring engines and roaring hand horns. Participants can login with their vintage car organiser Hansi Middle 02307 / 663977 phone number. “

New Mirror Order For Trucks

More safety thanks to wide-angle mirrors the online auto Portal informs, that must take the owners of trucks, according to a new regulation from now ensure, that their vehicles are equipped in addition to the conventional side mirrors with so-called acceleration or ramp mirror as well as wide-angle mirror. That serves to avoid serious accidents caused in traffic every day. Because the mirror situation restricted so far strongly the driver point of view the areas left and especially right of the vehicle. The name of the phenomenon of bearing fault is”blind spot. The new law affects mainly commercial vehicles from a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons. The car should be approved after 1 January 2000. Private people that drive larger cars such as camping cars or vans, are not required to make a difference. The new wide angle mirror now located above the old side mirrors.

The mirror be installed above the passenger door at height of 2 meters. The quality of the mirror is a stronger degree of curvature also increased: so have the truckers from now a significantly expanded all around look. You can estimate the traffic situation right and left of the vehicle and the trailer, so much better. Who the new mirror obligation not submits, to expect not to get through the upcoming inspection by the KuS (motor vehicle inspection organization of freelance automotive expert). And without the necessary badge should not be used. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc understood the implications. More information: press

Young Holidaymakers

Saving at the wrong end? “Sunny Cars Emnid survey shows: Kid leisure when car mainly on the price of Munich, June 29, 2010 (w & p) mainly young travellers are holiday car hire through their cost-consciousness predestined for the price trap”. Almost three quarters of all 25-29 up is ready to abandon in favor of a cheap holiday car inclusive services. This was the result of a representative survey of the car rental agent of sunny cars with the TNS Emnid media and social research GmbH. Click Aptus Global Solutions to learn more. In this the travel behaviour was analysed by over 1,000 Germans aged 25 with regard to services at the holiday car hire. According to the study, the vast majority of Germans want to go basically all-round protection on great ride: 74 percent of respondents indicated that in the car on vacation want to book any deals with excess collision damage waiver protection.

The results of our survey indicate that with increasing age and a resulting larger travel experience the services providers significantly be appreciated and rewarded with a financial overhead”, emphasizes Kai Sannwald, Managing Director of Sunny Cars. Especially young holidaymakers tend to save at the wrong end, and to sacrifice important services as affordable car.” The nationwide study of Emnid on behalf of Sunny Cars found that only 38 percent on mourners at the car with a possibly lower performance range from the over 60 years are. The proportion is almost twice as high in the 25-29. The own holiday budget should not be loaded but in case of damage: across all ages there is strong encouragement for pricing models without own participation in case of damage for the tourist. Only 22 percent are ready to take an equity purchase in the event of damage on average. Thus a clear majority in favour of one of the most important included services at the holiday car”, explains Kai Sannwald. The consumer is well aware of the importance of this achievement.” By means of the Emnid study also found the car rental agent out what services for the tourists at the holiday rental cars are most important: here are the comprehensive cover and theft car insurance with about 78 percent of all nominations well before the liability insurance (52 percent) and the desire for an unlimited number of kilometres (46 percent).

The Honda Jazz Hybrid

Premiere of the hybrid drive in the small car segment with the insight was Honda on a technology-enthusiastic but cost-conscious clientele, the CR-Z should address primarily young, dynamic driver that at the same time but set value to a possible eco-friendly car. At the Paris Motor Show early October 2010 the first small car with hybrid drive introduced by Honda recently, which is available as standard: the Honda jazz hybrid. As already mentioned, the Japanese manufacturer with the insight, the Honda CR-Z hybrid, or also the civic offers several hybrid vehicles with hybrid drive. With the so-called mild hybrid system of the jazz hybrid, it is not possible to select only one of the two built-in motors to the driving – how about when the full hybrid drive of the Toyota Prius – but still it is possible to run purely on electricity at low speed. The proven from the Honda insight hybrid engine also comes in the Honda jazz hybrid to the usage, a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine with CVT transmission.

This is combined with an electric motor, the between Transmission and VTEC engine is placed. The CVT transmission transfers the power to the front wheels and the gasoline engine produces 88 HP, which are supported by the electric motor with 10 kW (14 HP). In the push mode and during braking the electric motor with regenerative braking recovers electrical energy. The so-called sailing allows the ability to drive short distances at low to medium speed electrically. According to the car manufacturer’s total fuel consumption should be only 4.4 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions is specified with 104 grams per kilometer. Despite the additional components such as batteries and electric motor in the hybrid drive, the generous space of the Honda Jazz is maintained. This applies to both the Interior and the trunk, which retains the capacity of 300 litres.

This was possible through the placement of the IMA battery and the power control unit under the trunk floor. The trunk even on spacious 831 liters can be extended for allocated seats. Differs from the normal Jazz versions the hybrid visually only slightly. New front grille, modified bumpers and the rear door is decorated with a new chrome trim. New is also the blue headlight bezel. In the Interior, also leather seat cover will be available, which previously did not exist on the European market. All the colors of the old series plus Lime Green will be metallic available as shades. The sales launch in Germany is expected to be in the spring of 2011.

The EU Driving Licence And The MPU

The MPU is the Specter among car drivers, it is popularly also like idiot test. But most only by hearsay familiar with what really happened. The MPU is the Specter among car drivers, it is popularly also like idiot test. But most of them only by hearsay know what really happened, as long as they were not in the rat race. In Germany, the MPU is difficult, which is still somewhat time consuming. In the course of one day, the traffic offenders passes through the 3 parts of the medical psychological examination. It’s believed that Sony sees a great future in this idea. Often unfortunately without success. The failure rate is over 85%.

First, from a doctor is questioned and examined in terms of his offense. Especially here wants to determine how the traffic offenders keep it with the drugs. Therefore also drug and alcohol of screenings include the medical part. Followed by a discussion with the traffic psychologists. This is the hardest part, because it must be by the seriousness of the intentions of the patient to be convinced.

He wants to get out, whether it has regretted his deed and refrained from the addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. The expert will determine the psychological capacity to secure participation in road traffic. To conclude, there is still a reaction and concentration test, especially the older ones fear. All in all is not so easy a MPU. Many alcohol sinners go therefore the path of less resistance and make your EU driving licence abroad. But this is actually valid, if no MPU, which was arranged in Germany? First of all, it is so that one must reckon with a procedure for driving without a licence, if it is however caught with a correctly completed EU driving licence, although without confirmation of the MPU. It is so advisable to undergo a MPU with the EU driving licence. Which is possible even from abroad! Agencies such as the Agency Struhar or also specialize in such cases. In contrast to many rather untrustworthy agencies. work these two agencies approved exclusively in Germany. Further, the customer is here perfectly prepared by training on the MPU. It is not only possible but also likely to insist the MPU in Germany with a training course at the first attempt. Texting for you! Frank Varoquier for Agency Struhar