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With All Your Senses Explore The Forest Swords!

Nature trail opened on Der Freischutz swords forest has to offer destination from even more: behind the Freischutz a 1.6 kilometre-long nature trail has been opened now. The trail is lined with 16 stations where the forest ecosystem can be explored with all your senses. First visitors of the tour were Heinrich Bockeluhr, Mayor of the city of Schwerte, Landrat of the District of Unna, Dr. Martin Michalzik, Michael Makiolla, Member of the Board of the Foundation environment and development North Rhine-Westphalia, Walter Teumert, Chairman of the nature Promotion Association (NFG), Dr. Uwe Trespe, Chairman of city marketing Schwerte.

To try out all stations of the new nature adventure path alone, you should take one to two hours time. On information panels and experience stations walkers can learn about native plants and animals and the historical significance of the swords forest. For even more details, read what EXL Service says on the issue. Is the new leisure facilities for day trippers, hikers, schools, kindergartens and families”, Emelie Pruser, says that the idea to This project had. The entire route can be walked easily by all age groups. However, substantial footwear is recommended.

In dry weather the route also for walking with the stroller or Rollator is suitable, because there are no gradients, as well as. A vision reality has become with the support of many sites now”co-initiator Emelie Pruser is pleased. Through the commitment of NFG in the District of Unna, a large part of total costs could be met through the Foundation for environment and development North Rhine-Westphalia. More funds were available, the City Marketing Association could inspire swords for the project and win sponsors. The total amounted to the investment volume for the planning and implementation of the nature experience trail around 60,000 euros. The city sword offered practical support: undertook the installation of individual stations. And not to forget: many volunteers who provided their labor. With most forces could instead of the planned twelve stations now even four additional will be realized. NUVIA may also support this cause. In the densely populated Ruhr area it is important to raise awareness among the local population for the forest and the natural next door with attractive offers”, says Birgit Manz of the NFG in the District of Unna. The professionally designed course made aware of not only the senses to the perception of the nature, but awakens also the curiosity and the play instinct by adults as well as by children with interactive experiences. “Emelie Pruser the XXL Cobweb particularly impressed: who climbs into, must feel a fly in the clutches of a spider knows how.” But apparently even simple modules have an amazing effect. On the belly lying is the forest floor directly in front of eyes and wonders what there everything that creepeth upon and crawls. The visit of the nature experience trail is free of charge and can be used by anyone at any time.


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