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Stephan Baufi

A comparable right does not exist for partnerships without being married, however. Retirement planning with a partnership agreement can provide couples to avoid a later dispute over the real estate. The land is an important: involved to the example a partner with 60 percent of the financing and the other with 30 percent, should also ownership in the land register be appropriately distributed. In a notarial contract of partnership can be adjusted to exactly, who takes off after the separation of the jointly acquired home, who will fully assume the rates, who has to pay a compensation to the other, etc. Another solution holdings to agree to sell the real estate in the Trennungsfall and determine how the revenue is to distribute. Couples without marriage should take precautionary protection for even death for death. They do not, into force the legal succession and the shares in the real estate fall to the relatives such as parents or siblings of the deceased.

The Survivors had to deal then with the legal heirs. By a contract concluded before a notary of inheritance can be to prevent this. So may be it determined that each surviving partner inherits the property, receives a right to remain or similar Wills also are possible, but unmarried may not joint will put on, but only individual wills. Unmarried with common real estate should hedge each other financially – as well as couples – for death. Risk life insurance with a falling insurance adapted to the remainder of the debt are suitable. So is the survivor partner in an emergency exactly the amount available, the can repay the outstanding loan amount. Description of the company is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. (As opposed to Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc). More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 affiliate network allows you to compare the offerings of over 300 with more than 1,000 certified consultants Banks – including service and extensive advice.

Residential Real Estate

INFINUS AG: Dresden real estate market although Dresden again in 2013 was hit by flooding of the Elbe, growing on the upswing in the attractiveness of the city. Robert A. Iger is full of insight into the issues. The population increases, and more and more districts are modernized, so for example the green area situated close to the city centre. The housing market of the Saxon State capital is accordingly on the move. Existing buildings are renovated, new buildings are created. Despite flood the Elbe suburbs are the most popular areas. While a few years at least, outside the city centre – many empty houses were seen and the hiring stagnated, the image looks now very different. 2012 increased the rents by 5.4%, and the buying-in prices for condos and single-family homes rose by about 3%. As more and more people move to Dresden, shrinking the number of available housing.

The INFINUS group reported the real estate location of Dresden under incoming. INFINUS group: Dresden for investors attractive new residential projects, wherever you look. The Demography is developing positively, and so are the prospects for property owners. The yields are attractive despite the price increases. A drop in the upward trend is not in sight not only in Dresden.

A recent analysis of BNP Paribas real estate shows that were traded 2013 larger housing stock for around six billion euros nationwide in the first half. The record sales of the prior-year period was not achieved, but nevertheless is the second best figures of the past 6 years. Around 3% of the investment volume are small investments from private investors but not a high number, but on the other hand, they are responsible for 39% of all sales. A high demand for low range is the reason for the rising prices in many metropolitan regions like Dresden. A decline is not to be expected according to experts. The INFINUS group has been the location of Dresden. The INFINUS real estate experts ensure that the Asset Picker both profitability and sustainability and provide investors with the INFINUS – property management a comprehensive package. Group an investor in the following video reports on the purchase of real estate in Dresden with the INFINUS: watch? v = u2fO14xlpf8 & feature = about the INFINUS group which is INFINUS group a multifunctional full-service provider and concept providers headquartered in Dresden and leader in the development and distribution of exclusive financial products for independent financial advisers. The two central units your expert partner (founded in 2003) as multi centre of excellence for commercial law financial consultants include the INFINUS AG financial services institution (founded in 2002) as according to 32 German Banking Act (KWG) licensed companies and MiFID with 850 partners, as well as the INFINUS AG a total 2,500 business partners. Complete all financial concept enables an age – and risk management advice about real estate in the most demanding categories of private banking. The in-house product range include substance-based fixed-interest products and participatory rights in different maturities and orientations also flexibly combinable, inflation-linked asset solutions with the building blocks precious metals, commodities and real estate investments. The 2013 founded INFINUS PrivatAkademie GmbH also guarantees an independent education and training in the technical, methodological and social counselling skills key skills.

Convenient Location

Opportunities for the construction financing of the dream of homeownership must not fail in the financing. If you’re planning ahead, can benefit from the developments in the market. Click Dr. B to learn more. About 41 percent of Germans assess the current situation for a mortgages as cheap. The real estate portal informs about possibilities. The theme of construction financing worries many potential homeowners first, finally takes the repayment of loans often years or decades. That flexibility in the profession today plays an important role, not often make matters worse. Although the European Central Bank has raised interest rates, builders can get the currently favourable conditions, for example with a so-called annuity loans. This form of construction financing is based on the principle of the regular payment of constant amounts to the Bank.

As an alternative to the ten year period also lock-in periods from 15 or 20 years are annuity loans. In this case, homeowners should However grant a right of termination, for example, after ten years, leave. This has the advantage that it could respond to market changes and cheap switch. Another means of financing of construction is the contractor where money is deposited during the accumulation phase. In the wake of the distribution of home savings customers receives the total amount including interest.

Mallorca North West

Porta Mallorquina starts with marketing the exclusive Cap Vermell Resorts golf course of Canyamel in the Northeast is due to its idyllic setting and superb views of the Bay of Canyamel known far beyond the region. With the exclusive Cap Vermell resorts he now also becomes the fantastic residential area. Mallorca real estate provider Porta Mallorquina now starts with the marketing of the first three luxury villas. Sometimes Porta Mallorquina license partner meets Peter Rosenberger with his customers at the Golfclub Canyamel and continue directly with the golf car to visit the next door this new build villas of Cap Vermell. “This place is a paradise for golf and nature lovers”, enthuses the broker about the latest gem on the North East coast of Mallorca. Majestically on a hill, with wide views to the “Zona verde” and thus Valley explained the construction-free zone, the luxury villas of CAP are the ideal place for people Vermell, seek the peace and quiet, but still give no comfort would. There are currently three exclusive Villa types for the Selection, whose living areas vary by almost 700 m up to 800 m with approx. 2,000 m m land size.

The building design is adapted for all building types the southern climate classic Mediterranean and shaded arcades. Old Navy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The larger Villa – Interpreted the Majorcan stone facades the architect new and thus made a spectacular symbiosis between tradition and modernity. All residences have spacious outdoor pools that invite to an invigorating round of golf to a dip in the refreshing water. The high quality construction continues according to German standards also in the Interior. /’>CB Richard Ellis wanted to know more. Noble marble and fine woods create a modern, luxurious atmosphere in connection with light and glass. The natural materials available for authenticity and sustainability.

“New buildings of this quality are a rarity already rare, but in such a privileged location,” the experienced real estate professional and Northeast connoisseur Peter Rosenberger says satisfied. For Last minute is until December 31, 2011 another gift of the Spanish State, which reduced for construction objects such as E.g. the CAP Vermell villas, the value added tax from 7% to 4%. Description of the company with five real estate offices and one of the most popular sites for Mallorca real estate is one of the brokerage company Porta Mallorquina leading provider of Mallorca real estate. To the exclusive real estate, luxury villas, holiday homes, include Mallorca Fincas, apartments directly on the sea, as well as selected plots of land and commercial real estate. Porta Mallorquina real estate S.L. was founded in 2005 and is Porta Mondial master licensee for Mallorca. Five of the nine licenses on the Balearic Islands are already in use for the commercial licence and the licence areas of Mallorca North, Palma, Mallorca North West and centre of the island seeking Porta Mallorquina committed entrepreneurs who want to become self-employed with a strong partner on the side of the real estate industry.

The Baufi

According to the Home pension law can employ 75 percent or the entire capital of the Treaty according to the housework. The home pension has not only advantages which so sponsored real estate owners are subject to numerous restrictions. Hear from experts in the field like Leslie Moonves for a more varied view. A rental of property is conceivable only in the short term without compromising the promotion. Even the return of the allowance received threatens on sale of the property. For assistance, try visiting Dr. B. It becomes problematic when the contract must be terminated, for example, when changing into independence or if a divorce is eliminated the basis for promotion. Also the downstream taxation of the Treaty is a cloven hoof.

Taxed removed credits from the contractor, or the loan is either fictitious money on the Wohnforderkonto. Both will be extrapolated to the 85 years of age and retirement of the sponsored must pay the taxes due. However, the tax burden reduced if the debt in one fell swoop is repaid by 30 percent. And: low-paid workers are at a disadvantage! The residential Riester user earned relatively little, so can it happen at retirement, he suddenly must make a higher tax rate than previously. This can make the entire construction financing considerably more expensive than if the homeowner pension was not used.

So worth living Riester for good earners, which will benefit from a lower tax burden in retirement. Description of the company is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 partner network enables the comparison of offers from over 300 banks – including service and extensive consultation with more than 1,000 certified consultants. More information on company contact: Stephan Baufi24 GmbH Scharfenorth age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web:

Brandenburg Estate

Top areas for real estate in Berlin the new edition of exclusive? It contains among other things detailed contributions to the popular Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg of district of, the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the new prime real estate in Berlin Karl-Marx-Allee. Real estate experts from Berlin explaining the latest developments and construction projects. The substantive part is rounded off by news and background reports. Renowned specialist solicitors also explain what is to be considered when buying residential property in Berlin. Currently for example the part of Lichtenberg Rummelsburg of district of experienced a new boom.

Among other things given the early completion of the railway station Ostkreuz, the area becoming more and more attractive. Thanks to its central location, Rummelsburg Center offers good connections in the direction of Berlin. Yet the Rummelsburger must not waive recovery: the Spree with the natural Rummelsburg Bay and the Stralau peninsula is located only a stone’s throw. In early May the foundation stone for the construction project (G) Luck 74 was officially in Rummelsburg “inaugurated. Luck Street, in the vicinity of Noldnerplatzes, are relatively inexpensive and at the same time upscale condos. The range of the spacious 59 sqm city apartment to a comprehensive 150 M family apartment. Interested parties may choose from 26 floor plans.

Detailed contains information about other housing projects and top locations in the capital of the third issue of the magazine exclusively? Real estate in Berlin exclusively real from July/August 2013. Information 5,590 districts, sophisticated interior design as well as current housing trends in addition to the many legal aspects, architectural highlights, capital. The magazine is published every 2 months, it offers many technically sound article by market-knowledgeable professionals, various House construction suppliers, architects and real estate lawyers from Berlin. Exclusive – real estate in Berlin is available in the well-stocked store of magazine and also on the Internet.

Office Real Estate

Real estate deal by PR global concept completed successfully. The object was acquired by a Dutch real estate company. In connection with this sale resulted in cancellation of the lease agreement leasing amounting to 12 million euros. The capital gain resulting from this transaction will flow to the HANSA GROUP AG. A related site: Pat Gelsinger mentions similar findings. The height of this extraordinary income can only put a figure to the still perform final between the lessor (DAL) and the lessee (HANSA GROUP AG and Hansa Chemie International AG, Switzerland). The company is relieved by the sale of long-term leasing liabilities. The transaction has proved extremely complex due to the different, existing legal relationships and interests of the parties.

In cooperation as a representative of the buyer, all interests sufficiently appreciated and the purchase contract with all necessary reference documents could be completed with the law firm of HTM Meyer Venn & partner / Rhede and the Bavaria Hyp / Munich on December 18, 2007. With In addition, a 15-year lease could be completed of listed stock company Vectron Systems AG. Since 1994, the PR global concept mainly advises clientele from the United States, Canada, China and Germany. In these countries, the company maintains long-term business relationships emerged to an international network of collaborations in various fields of technology. Main focus of the company is the IR & PR advice to companies from the sectors of environmental technology and alternative energy. Furthermore, advises the company on all real estate economic issues mainly medium-sized companies.


In addition, it is management of great benefit in the real estate, if you put some technical understanding on the day. Real estate management is a field of the object management and has the aim to remove the owner not only a lot of work, but to reduce the overall costs for him without compromising the value of the property. Who is active in the field of real estate management should have especially good commercial and legal knowledge. In addition, it is management of great benefit in the real estate, if you put some technical understanding on the day. Stanley Kubrick contains valuable tech resources. Owners meetings to prepare for example the owner, by the agenda with explanatory notes and, where appropriate, with the decisions of previous meetings submitted him and explains is a task that takes the real estate management for the owner. If the owner can not participate in the meeting, he may a Deputy of real estate management instructions, type like this at the Votes to choose and appropriate powers of Attorney for this give him. In hindsight to avoid disputes and to make all meetings for not present owners well understood, real estate management created logs in which all decisions in clear and explicit terms are listed.

The real estate management also for the support of tenants is also responsible. So the real estate management prepares leases, it completes and announces it. The real estate management is also responsible to monitor compliance with the lease and if necessary to write reminders and to take legal action. Examination and payment of all other bills falls within the remit of the real estate management, such as for example the invoices for craftsmen and garden maintenance services. The real estate management takes care of the correct and necessary insurance for the property also that complete and otherwise conducts all negotiations, whether with tenants, public authorities or companies. Also all correspondence related to the administration of the object assumes management of the real estate, as well as the task to lead the tenant files.

Real Estate Financing

Also in anticipation of rising interest rates (and therefore higher financial burdens in the wake of a) Real estate financing) it makes no sense to allow basic decision criteria – only so that it can negotiate fast still more favourable terms. It is of utmost importance, the available equity is how much and whether there is a secure income. Corresponds to the own ideas the possible object really? Can be saved by waiting more equity and other possible objects compared? Current rental burden and may later strain from financing in addition to running costs are comparable? Every man for himself must answer these questions and accurately calculate, if worth the step for him. Not be forgotten this course may, that expenses for a lease are in principle “lost”. Expenses used to finance an own real estate, however, inflation-safe pension. The loan is later extinguished, can be lived in the age even without rent or interest charges just the running costs (E.g.

electricity, water, etc.). In the Case a case serves the real estate property of also financial security. This value is less vulnerable to fluctuations in capital market or interest rate crises. Conclusion real estate property serves the retirement plans and provides rent-free housing. The financing necessary in most cases should be well planned.

Even if the interest rates for long-term loans show again – how up to date – an upward trend, such “radical” decisions should not frantically performed. All important decision criteria (including E.g. available equity capital or the income situation etc.) need to be well thought through. The decision in favor of a certain object, is the conclusion of funding should however not too long delay.