The Present

It is to be so beautiful here in this place, where I am, and from which I have been following the story and write that words fail me, that mean happy his even comes close to expressing capacity. It is a place of consciousness, a place called his home everywhere and where I spend the eternity of my existence in addition to my temporary stay on our beloved Earth. It is a place name Freedom and love, a place of limitless possibilities, because where the sun always shines, even if the thickest black rain clouds preparing to the downpour. But what am I talking about anyway, words I can this wondrous world of starting I then look at the circumstances of the present history and they to the amusement of the general public”wants to offer help, impossible to describe. ERGO, I should let it lush foliage but also of all those present to the well being easy. And I will lead instead a riddle rhyme, which with us over the course of the > unit and community < is written in big letters. There is only a true home, built out of love, held in our consciousness and according to the first commandment, absolute freedom, alway door wide open.

“And this, what we all our home” call, exists in all eternity, ultimately only truth is always existent, and times we should forget this, we should think it to have left or lost, this only in our perception can be be done. “We were always there, there are also still and also if we future way go a long way in the distance, we will be in this case still here”. Here and now”is only space time unit that is real, so how could we be ever sometime, somewhere else than in the here and now. Well, I must admit, that it us of course, if we are present here in full awareness, no difficulty to understand these words, we live then finally also in the presence of this awareness, or should I say, we live also in the presence of our awareness, because everything is clear and the curtain of the unconscious is lifted.


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