The Sky

I mention every time it is when more close I feel of you because my soul is freed of this body and goes in your search, because my soul does not want another thing that to be united to yours, to be so near you that we become only one and that is possible when I express to you what I take in my chest, that infinite volume of love that lies there by you and for you. It would want to be able to be there with you, abrazarte and besarte by far love. I want decirte that here I am, that accounts with my support and my understanding. I want to be the refuge where you take shelter when you feel fear, when you are tired, or when you only need caresses and the kisses my lips. Also I say to you through I love you, that my yearning of your presence is immense. That all the lights of the sky remember your face to me and when they blink she is when more I smile because I see you illuminating to me with your light. The same warm and smooth light that collection of your glance, watched that surrounds to me completely. You are the other half of my heart, my pair, my complement My necessity of you is much.

My heart beats your name all along. You are it first that last fodder and that memory in every day. In my mind only you are. My eyes are illuminated to verte and my being is touched when listening your voice, thus is my dear love. How much he lacks so that your eyes are with mine? I do not know it, but I feel to you so close right now that the time no longer matters. You are adhered soul, if I give to a then step you also you advance with me.


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