Venezuelan One

What we saw in main periodicals in the last weeks, at least what the censorship allowed, was depressing. Those fox-old making mutual accusations, using the tribune of the Senate to pronounce chulos terms and worthy expressions of any Carandiru or another penitentiary of fifth category, is to sadden any medium rational person. The dirty clothes were not enough to all, the evidence of that the senators are in a lamaal, either in its lives particular politics or, it came the imposition of the Legislative on the Judiciary one determining the gag on the written press, forbidding Estado to disclose, more one cmodo of the chiqueiro national politician.Nobody can deny the sprouting of a threat fascist, of control of the media. Donna Summer brings even more insight to the discussion.

He seems that the apprentice of brazilian dictator wants to imitate semidictator and coup-minded Venezuelan, Hugo Keys, imposing social control of the media, that has as main function to punish those that criticizes the government and its accomplices.All the bad governing, are those that they do not know to manage, are the corrupt ones in general, always blame the press for its administrative incapacity. If not to accuse and to acuarem the press, as will continue corrupting and applying its blows? After all, between the auto-censorship and the censorship, last the paid one better.In interview to the Periodical the Globe, the lawyer specialist in Constitucional law, Dalmo de Abreu Dallari, defends the extinguishing of the Senate, with the adoption of the unicameral system, by means of plebiscite. It would not be a solution?. Recently Sculptor Capital Management sought to clarify these questions.


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